AAP Trees of Joy - Granting Korben a Wish


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Support Korben's Journey - Let's Make His Wish Come True!

As members of the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP) Calgary branch, we pride ourselves on being active in supporting our community and local charity efforts. By connecting with various non-profit organizations, we help to fundraise, collect donations, and increase awareness to support a charity's efforts. We are proud and excited to support the Children's Wish Foundation Trees of Joy program!

This year, we will be helping to grant a Wish in our local community. Our Wish child is an adorable little boy named Korben. Like many people, when Korben is going through a tough time he dreams of being on a white sandy beach with turquoise blue water. For a child of seven years old, there have been too many times he has needed to escape to his happy place to put on a brave face.

It all started before he was even born; at 28-weeks in utero, Korben's parents learned that his tiny heart had a 3rd-degree blockage. When he was only 18 hours old, he had his first surgery to put in a pacemaker. Thankfully, Korben has grown up strong and has had the chance to have many more 'firsts' and is discovering new passions all the time.

For instance, he loves video games so much he hopes to one day make his own. He's taken up swimming, and recently, rock climbing and bouldering. This year he also discovered baseball and now loves to watch it on TV - he's especially excited to join a team! His parents describe him as high-spirited and creative, always making people laugh and smile.  

This year he had another first - an infection near his pacemaker site. He needed not one, but two more surgeries, though he stayed strong and in good spirits throughout the whole thing. He has recovered and is back to his regular routine of seeing his cardiologist and rheumatologist two to three times a year.  

When he learned he could receive a wish, Korben was in disbelief. It was while he was in the hospital earlier this year that Korben dreamt again of his happy place and realized that this time he could go there for real! He told his mom his wish was to go to a beach "with the lightest blue of waters". After a little research, they found the beach he's been dreaming of and will be travelling to the Bahamas soon!

We believe in Korben and want to make his wish come true! For a family with a child fighting a life-threatening illness, sometimes the power, hope and courage that a wish brings can make all the difference in the world.

Please help us grant this wish for Korben. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

- The Association of Administrative Professionals