AAP Trees of Joy - Granting Korben a Wish


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Thank You for Supporting Korben's Journey - Together We Made His Wish Come True!

In September 2018, The Association of Administrative Professionals partnered with The Children's Wish Foundation to participate in the Trees of Joy program on November 23, 2018. Our organization became a Wish Granter for our special Wish Child, Korben, who is 8 years old and has worn a pacemaker all his life. In early 2018, Korben developed an infection near the pacemaker site and had to have two surgeries. Korben's wish was to go to the Bahamas so the AAP dedicated the remaining months of 2018 to raising money through charitable efforts, donations and fundraising campaigns. At the end of the year, we had received nearly $7,000 in donations and Korben's family worked with the Children's Wish Foundation to book their vacation.

Korben and his family headed off to the Bahamas in February 2019 and had a blast on their trip! The staff at the Atlantis resort called Korben their "Special VIP" and treated him like royalty. Korben enjoyed his very first time in the ocean and enjoyed played in the waves, snorkelling and exploring. Korben and his family loved the Atlantis theme park and played on as many water slides as they possibly could. Korben loved swimming with the sharks, sting rays, squid and shrimp and spent everyday on the beach with a whole bunch of new friends! Korben's favorite part of the trip was swimming with dolphins and was completely fearless when touching them, or volunteering to help with a trick! He even fed a dolphin a fish and was beside himself with joy. He and his family also explored downtown Nassau and went to the Queen's staircase and a pirate museum. They enjoyed getting to know all of the different people they encountered and seeing the rich culture and history in the Bahamas.

Korben cannot stop talking about the trip that he and his family took and has begun to plan his next travel destination! His Mom thinks that he has the travel bug! Korben and his family will remember this trip for the rest of their lives and are grateful to everyone that has supported them.

Thank you to YOU, our generous donor - This bright spot in Korben's journey would not have been possible without your kindness and support.
Thank you to The Children's Wish Foundation for introducing the AAP to such a worthy cause! We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to help Korben and his family.

- The Association of Administrative Professionals